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Of course since I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore diapers, Alva decides to come out with new prints, and a co op is going to run on them.  Now I must buy all the diapers. 

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What Not To Believe

1. Don’t believe labor doesn’t hurt more than anything you’ve ever felt.

2. Don’t believe you might have an orgasm while pushing a head out of your who-ha.

3. Don’t believe you can’t withstand enormous amounts of pain.

4. Don’t believe suffering is abnormal or permanent.

5. Don’t believe your body should cooperate with some plan that a medical association made because it protects them from law suits and makes it easier for them to run the show—the show being your body.

6. Don’t believe you shouldn’t educate yourself beyond what whomever you’ve hired to help you with your birth tells you.

7. Don’t believe a pregnant woman is psychologically fragile and should be protected from the realities of labor and birth.

8. Don’t believe you can’t do this. It’s a rough business, but you can.

— Cheryl Strayed, The Lavender Room (via dover)

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fucking show-off


fucking show-off

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can she just get an award or something

I reblog this whenever it pops up on my dash.

So many directions she could have gone with this joke…out of infinite possibilities…she picked the best possible direction.

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I don’t think a greater truth has ever been spoken holy shit


I don’t think a greater truth has ever been spoken holy shit

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Reblog if you’re NOT Tumblr famous and you appreciate your followers

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Freak people out in public restrooms by saying “come in” when they knock on the stall door

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I think the fandom has gone off their rocker.

Honestly we maintained our sanity longer than I had expected.

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